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Mega Stars Who Struggled Their Way To Success – Truly inspiring

Bollywood is a ‘dreamland’ for Thousands of aspiring actors and technicians who come here to try their luck every day. It is very difficult for a common man to get an entry into the Bollywood. The struggle story of these stars proves that nothing can make one feel mediocre unless one permits.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

After being rejected by a radio company many times, Amitabh Bachchan used to sleep on a bench on Marine drive during his struggling days. His first hit ‘Zanjeer’ came after 12 flops. Big B is now the 'Shehenshah' of Bollywood.

2. Rajnikanth

He did various jobs in Chennai and Bangalore. Worked as a coolie and a carpenter and even a bus conductor in Bangalore. He had to struggle for 9 years before was established as a star “ The God of the South”.

3. Shah Rukh Khan

This Delhi boy came to Mumbai in a hope to become an actor. The city wasn't so welcoming ,he faced numerous rejections, slept on roads near the Oberoi hotel for many days before he got his first break. Now he’s the “Badshah” of Bollywood".

4. Akshay Kumar

He worked as a chef and a waiter, shuffled between Bangkok, Singapore and India to sell clothes and other products, even worked as a background dancer with dance groups to get income. That’s the struggle of “Khiladi”.

5. Arshad Warsi

He was orphaned at the age of 14. He worked as a door-to-door sales agent of cosmetics, worked in a photolab He always had a keen interest towards dancing and got an opportunity to join in a dance group. He got reputation with his dancing talent. Now recognised as an actor, a dancer and a choreographer and “Circuit”.

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