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5 Shocking Things You Can Buy Online - We Bet You Didn't Know

1. Pet Cloning

Yes, you read that right! You can get your pet cloned online, the first cloning lab was setup in South Korea which saw an overwhelming reponse from across the world. There are customers who are willing to pay as much as Rs 60 lacs to clone their pet. You can browse through websites like, a pet cloning company which aims towards reuniting you with your furry friend.

2. Impression Scultpture of your Baby Bump

You can actually get your baby bum casted in a Glass or Bronze scultpure for around INR 30 lacs, the craze of casting has certainly taken-off recently - companies like Wrightson & Platt Ltd produce this real life size replicas through 3D photography.

3. Wedding at Zero Gravity

Adventure seekers certainly can get married in style. Imagine getting married at 34,000 feet at Zero Gravity, won't that be cool? Though this will set you back around Rs 12 to 15 lacs but it be worth every penny. There are websites like that can make your dream come true.

4. Get a Star named after you

Get a star named after you or your loved ones for as little as Rs 1000, wouldn't that be a perfect gifting option. There are various star registration websites like that can guide you through the process. They even send you a certificate and pack detailing how and where you can find the star. You might just want to purchase a telescope to go with it…

5. Rent a Friend

Feeling lonely? You can rent a friend to go out for a long-drive, movie, on a date or just sit down and talk. Websites like can help you find a perfect friend for as little as Rs 650 per hour. So go out and have a good time now!

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